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pbTigerstyleb are a Scottish bhangra group from Glasgow from a British Punjabi background They are made up of two brothers Raj and Pops trained in classical tabla gurmat sangeet and various forms of Punjabi folk music and instrumentation Coming from a traditional background where religious adherence was the call of the day and learning to play instruments from a young age so that they could perform at their local temple have now turned this young Sikh outfit into the most sought after actRecently signed to Nachural Records the label that launched Panjabi MC onto the world stage and into a global hit Tigerstyle are now preparing their debut single and debut album for a worldwide releasep>

Top 30 Tigerstyle songs

Tigerstyle songs
Tigerstyle - Yaad Shaheedi (300 Salla) Single Track
Tigerstyle - Under the Stars Single Track
Tigerstyle - Ankhi Soorme 12 songs
Tigerstyle - Att Goriye (feat. Tigerstyle & Hard Kaur) Single Track
Tigerstyle - Kawan 2 Remix - EP 4 songs
Tigerstyle - Ki Faida (feat. Raj Brar) - EP 5 songs
Tigerstyle - Jujharu Khalsa 24 songs
Tigerstyle - Rang Rasiya Single Track
Tigerstyle - Boliyan Single Track
Tigerstyle - Best Punjabi Love Songs 12 songs
Tigerstyle - Girl Like You Single Track
Tigerstyle - Get Down Single Track
Tigerstyle - Jinda Sukha The Music 5 songs
Tigerstyle - Baagi - Kavishri Single Track
Tigerstyle - Bhangra Ology 11 songs
Tigerstyle - Cheerleader - Chakkwein Suit MASHUP Single Track
Tigerstyle - Hey Mama - Att Goriye MASHUP Single Track
Tigerstyle - Att Goriye (Manraj Pawar Trap Mix) - Mr.MP Single Track
Tigerstyle - Kawan 2 Remix EP 4 songs
Tigerstyle - Sikhizm 7 songs
Tigerstyle - Zulfaan De Naag Feat Kaur B 6 songs
Tigerstyle - Dhi Punjab Di feat Jaspinder Narula Single Track
Tigerstyle - Boss Ft RK Mendhi 6 songs
Tigerstyle - Money Money 8 songs
Tigerstyle - The VIP Experience Mixtape 33 songs
Tigerstyle - The Rising 11 songs
Tigerstyle - Ay-Ha! 6 songs
Tigerstyle - Jago 18 songs
Tigerstyle - Virsa 25 songs
Tigerstyle - The Rough Guide to Bhangra 40 songs

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