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pbChitrab feminine is a Sanskrit adjective meaning excellent distinguished bright brightcoloured As a noun it may refer topulliiChitraii the Tamil name of Spicaulliin Hindu astrology the corresponding nakshatra lunar mansionlilia common Hindu given name for girls born under said nakshatraliulliliiChitrai is a major nadi mentioned in Shiva Samhita containing Brahmarandhra door to Brahm see SahasraraliululliThe following people carry the name ChitraulliK S Chithra an Indian playback singerliliChitra Bahadur KC is a Nepalese politicianliliChitra Banerjee Divakaruni an IndianAmerican author poet and professor of EnglishliliChitra Bharucha a former Consultant Haematologist and Vice Chair of the BBC TrustliliChitra Ganesh an artist based in Brooklyn New YorkliliChitra Lekha Yadav is a Nepalese politicianliliChitra Mudgal a leading literary figure in modern Hindi literatureliliChitra Singh a female ighazali singerliliChitra K Soman an Indian sprinterliliChitra Subramaniam an Indian journalistliliChitra Visweswaran a classical dancerliulliululliiChitrai is the title of a book which is a collection of poems written by the Bengali poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath TagoreliliAmar Chitra Katha one of Indias largest selling comic book seriesliliChitra Bharti Kathamala a popular Indian Comic publication during the early 80sliliChitra genus a turtle genusulliiChitra indicai a narrowheaded softshelled turtleliliiChitra chitrai a striped narrowheaded softshell turtleliulliliSree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology Thiruvananthapuram IndialiliSree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram IndialiliChitra is a river in the Narail District of southwestern BangladeshliliChitrakar One who paints chitra means a paintingliulpbrbrp>

Top 30 Chitra songs

Chitra songs
Chitra - The Asian Collection 53 songs
Chitra - Bollywood Instrumental 58 songs
Chitra - Sethupathi 7 songs
Chitra - Rudhramadevi 6 songs
Chitra - Pugazh 5 songs
Chitra - Kanchana 2 5 songs
Chitra - Mohabbath Mein (2015) 5 songs
Chitra - Paddanandi Premalo Mari (2014) 5 songs
Chitra - Damarukam 10 songs
Chitra - Manthri Gari Viyyankudu 7 songs
Chitra - Endukante Premanta Song Clips 7 songs
Chitra - Endukante Premanta Song Clips 5 songs
Chitra - Aamir Khan Birthday 23 songs
Chitra - War And Love 4 songs
Chitra - Vismayam 2 songs
Chitra - Vishnu 3 songs
Chitra - Vishnu Lokam 5 songs
Chitra - Vaadamalli 7 songs
Chitra - Unakkaka En Kadhal 5 songs
Chitra - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 16 songs
Chitra - The Film Emotional Atyachar 11 songs
Chitra - Thalsamayam Oru Penkutty 8 songs
Chitra - Swapna Sanchari 4 songs
Chitra - Sufi Paranja Katha 2 songs
Chitra - Snehaveedu 5 songs
Chitra - Sasirekha Parinayam 6 songs
Chitra - Preethi Inda Ramesh 5 songs
Chitra - Pournami Naagam 4 songs
Chitra - Pasupathy 5 songs
Chitra - Panchakshari 4 songs

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